Let's Give Back Together

The Harvest House family believes in serving others well and with bold intention.

Truth, transparency, and commitment to the community are values rooted in the core of everything we do. We take heart in linking arms with those around us and serving from a place of humility and sacrifice. 

We are committed to our customers and to purposely serving the community with every sale. When you shop with us, please know that your purchases support the community as a whole. We are incredibly invested in not only providing superior product quality but also in serving others. 

Harvest House will return 10% of all sales directly to local families or people in need - every purchase, every time. 

You'll notice that we have a different M.O. when it comes to giving back. As we link arms together, we want YOU to be part of the bigger picture. We want YOU to have an opportunity to give and bless others. As you go through the checkout in-store or online, you'll have a chance to nominate a deserving community member or family in need. We will then review all of the nominations, and give back to select nominees every week. 

We see this as a chance for everyone to rise above themselves while unifying the community for the greater good. We are PROUD to have you along the ride to serve and love others through farming. 

We thank YOU in advance for shopping local, supporting our local farm family, and also the community.